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Never too early to think about Christmas (shutdown)

Christmas Holiday – Christmas Shutdown What to do in preparation for a holiday or factory shutdown: Battery replacement Most control panels and machines have a battery back-up, intended to maintain site protection during short power outages of a few hours at most. These batteries require maintenance, and we recommend replacing them every two years or […]

Pemamo technology …. but vertical!

The Pemamo MVRL160 – vertical technology For companies active in high precision honing, the technology offered by Pemamo is recognised worldwide. The concept of continuous expansion of the tools, the possibilities for adjustment to the tenth of a micron and very high repeatability of the well known beige and brown machines were however not available […]

The micron within everyone’s reach

The Pemamo MVRL160 Precision Honing Machine – putting the micron within everyone’s reach In Europe the series of publications «…for Dummies» sells like hot cakes. Not that buyers are considered as stupid, far from that …but it is a way to say that these books are addressed to consumers who do not know the subject. […]

The grinding machine for precision engineers

Schneeberger Sirius NGS – the grinding machine for precision engineers The new siriusNGS is designed for high-precision processing of small work-pieces, it’s the grinding machine for precision engineers. 6-axis linear and torque motors mean dynamic grinding processes. Robot handling, grinding wheel changers and work processes for unmanned operation make the machine the ideal production cell for […]

New talent for Schneeberger tool and cutter grinding machines

Schneeberger tool and cutter grinding machines The new siriusNGS and geminiNGM machines were simultaneously introduced at EMO in Milan, presented as complete grinding centres with a high degree of automation. The company Sirius is designed for dynamic and ultra-precise grinding of small workpieces, whereas the powerful Gemini acts as a high-tech grinding machine that performs a […]

New universal and super compact, next generation grinders

Schneeberger’s new, universal and super compact, next generation grinders The new Norma ngc from Swiss manufacturer J Schneeberger is a universal 5-axis tool grinding machine for both production grinding and tool servicing. It is just one of the new range in Schneeberger’s new, universal and super compact, next generation grinder range. State of the art […]

New CAD/CAM Qg1 grinding software

Schneebergers new CAD/CAM Qg1 grinding software – Quinto Schneeberger introduces its latest version of Quinto – CAD/CAM Qg1 grinding software. The complexity of today’s cutting tools and the increasingly narrow tolerances of tool geometries pose a challenge for every grinder. The demand for special tools is also constantly growing. What’s more time is money, in […]

Aries NGP – Truly sharp!

Schneeberger Aries grinding machine Aries NGP _ Truly sharp and the right size for the toolroom: comprehensive 5-axis performance with generous working envelope, high SCHNEEBERGER machine quality and stability, within the size of a tool cabinet! Ultra-compact design, 99 cm (39”) wide with working envelope that makes complete 5-axis grinding of large and long tools possible. […]

Globoidal cams for indexing gear boxes

What are Globoidal Cams? Globoidal cams are found in indexing gear boxes. These high-precision, purely mechanical components are the heart, or you might say the “brain”, of this type of gear unit. They are capable of “storing” the cycle frequency, movement, acceleration ramp and position dwell time. Indexing gear boxes are used not only for […]