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How do Honing machines work?

Honing is an abrasive machining process in which an abrasive is used to accurately remove material from many types of materials both hard & soft.

Honing is performed using tools which are expandable to the desired size and retractable to below the starting size. 

Types of abrasive used are Diamond, Borazon (CBN), Galvanic & Metal Bond, each of these mediums can be supplied in a range of precision grit sizes from D3 – D 350. 

Depending on the grit size chosen, the process will either remove material with a course finish or a smooth finish achieving surface finishes between 2.0Ra (Roughing) down to 0.005Ra (Finishing). 

Typical tolerances of 0.001mm are achievable with two operations roughing to generate geometry and finishing to achieve customer required finish. 

The use of the correct abrasive for the material being machined is critical to the process success. Geometry is also a key element of the honing process, with typical tolerance of 0.0005mm Roundness, 0.0005mm Parallel & 0.0005mm Straightness achievable with Pemamo equipment. 

Our equipment starts at 0.6mm Ø through to 100mm Ø depending on the application and machine type.