The grinding machine for precision engineers

Schneeberger Sirius NGS – the grinding machine for precision engineers

The new siriusNGS is designed for high-precision processing of small work-pieces, it’s the grinding machine for precision engineers. 6-axis linear and torque motors mean dynamic grinding processes. Robot handling, grinding wheel changers and work processes for unmanned operation make the machine the ideal production cell for a multitude of applications when it comes to productivity and precision.

The linear and torque motors control extremely fine interpolation of axes, whether you are doing oscillating grinding, relief grinding or contour grinding. The work-piece result is accordingly highly precise with extremely fine surface materials. Properties that are sought after in many industry sectors, such as the watchmaking industry, medical technology, fine mechanics, general mechanical engineering, vehicle and aircraft construction or especially in production of highly precise cutting tools of all kinds.

The CAD-CAM grinding software Qg1 is available for carrying out this variety of applications. The geometric definition of the parts to be processed and the associated grinding processes are programmed separately. At the same time, programmers interact directly with the integrated 3D graphics both when defining geometry and within the grinding technology. This software is moreover an open system. Data exchange with external programs is part of the concept. Established formats such as STEP, DXF and GDX can thus be processed. ISO programs owned by users can also be incorporated.

Ideal proportion of the machine to the parts to be ground. But the large axis travel distances  can be seen. Grinding wheels with diameters up to 300 mm are in operation. The  high-performance grinding spindles with 5 or 10 kW have internal cooling. The process cooling system is optimally dimensioned and ensures thermal stability even when a lot of material is being removed. By choosing the appropriate options, you can configure this grinding machine any way you like. A 6-axis FANUC robot with optionally 2 or up to 10 pallets is thus available; so the machine autonomy can be upgraded as you desire. The grinding wheel changer with 7 positions for up to 21 grinding wheels guarantees implementation of the smallest lots in unmanned operation. The CNC dresser ensures process reliability and guarantees the best results. There is a suitable clamping system available for any parts you can imagine, or it can be customized.

Have a look at the machine, it’s the grinding machine for precision engineers!

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