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But which machine do I need?

The Schneeberger range of machines is very versatile – but which machine do I need? They can do a miriad of jobs and can produce a massive variety of tooling, some very specific to certain industries, i.e. medical tooling. To this end we have produced a chart to show the various applications and uses. See […]

Knife and special production parts

Knife and special production parts Flexibility The flexible machine kinematics, the individual in-house software development and experienced staff of specialist’s at Schneeberger make the difference when it comes to the implementation of specific grinding tasks and the manufacture of knife and special production parts. Schneeberger has met the needs of the Italian market for more […]

A few simple rules for grinding

Grinding is a manufacturing process that is often left up to a designated, experienced grinding expert in a workshop. Why can’t any other machine operator perform this work? Certain basic rules must to be observed during grinding, just like milling. The grinder has to know which material can be machined with which tool. And just […]

A new Service Engineer for SSP

We’re delighted to introduce Ben Wright. He is the latest recruit to SSP Technology. Ben joins us as service engineer, responsible for our Schneeberger, Pemamo and Wimmer machines.                 Here in Melbourne, in our showroom and demonstration area, Ben can set up our demonstration machines when customers visit […]

SSP Technology opens doors for demonstrations

SSP Open Day SSP Technology opens doors for demonstrations and has announced the arrival of a DAMA ES 3000 Grinding machine. The machine is now available for demonstrations and trials. SSP look forward to demonstrating their machines & equipment’s capabilities to prospective customers. Dama Technologies The Melbourne-based business is also showcasing a popular cutting machine, […]

The grinding machine for precision engineers

Schneeberger Sirius NGS – the grinding machine for precision engineers The new siriusNGS is designed for high-precision processing of small work-pieces, it’s the grinding machine for precision engineers. 6-axis linear and torque motors mean dynamic grinding processes. Robot handling, grinding wheel changers and work processes for unmanned operation make the machine the ideal production cell for […]

Aries NGP – Truly sharp!

Schneeberger Aries grinding machine Aries NGP _ Truly sharp and the right size for the toolroom: comprehensive 5-axis performance with generous working envelope, high SCHNEEBERGER machine quality and stability, within the size of a tool cabinet! Ultra-compact design, 99 cm (39”) wide with working envelope that makes complete 5-axis grinding of large and long tools possible. […]

Globoidal cams for indexing gear boxes

What are Globoidal Cams? Globoidal cams are found in indexing gear boxes. These high-precision, purely mechanical components are the heart, or you might say the “brain”, of this type of gear unit. They are capable of “storing” the cycle frequency, movement, acceleration ramp and position dwell time. Indexing gear boxes are used not only for […]