New talent for Schneeberger tool and cutter grinding machines

Schneeberger tool and cutter grinding machines

The new siriusNGS and geminiNGM machines were simultaneously introduced at EMO in Milan, presented as complete grinding centres with a high degree of automation. The company Sirius is designed for dynamic and ultra-precise grinding of small workpieces, whereas the powerful Gemini acts as a high-tech grinding machine that performs a highly diverse range of production tasks. Brochures can be downloaded here: Sirius brochure   – and –  Gemini brochure

Both grinding machines achieve impressive production autonomy thanks to the FANUC 6-axis robot, pallet loader and grinding wheel changer.

The optimal 6-axis kinematic concept of the Sirius, along with its linear and torque motors, guarantees maximum workpiece grinding precision. Grinding wheels with diameters up to 300 mm, dressing and in-process measuring technology guarantee high process reliability. The machine for precision engineering!

Processes involving very high power are possible on the Gemini. It can reach a peak power of 35 kW. Fitted with the HSK50 or HSK80 grinding spindles and with axis strokes of 500 mm in X direction, 400 mm in Y direction and 380 mm in Z direction, it can be used in an immense variety of ways. This grinding centre works autonomously with the 6-axis FANUC robot with 2 or 4 pallets. An available option is a grinding wheel changer with 14 or 25 positions. What both grinding machines have in common is their compact space-saving design. They don’t take up much room but they’re really big on the inside!

Another member of the new grinding machine range was introduced at GrindTec2016: ariesNGP

Downsizing was what the designers were after here. The “new talent” was to be small and inexpensive, but also combined with the “genes” of its “big brothers”. It might be a slim 99 cm wide, but it’s no lightweight. The new product’s 1700 kg weight gives it stability. With a total height of 1 m 76 cm, it has attractive proportions.

With the ariesNGP, access to 5-axis CNC tool grinding is not a compromise. The machine has all the ingredients needed for an outstanding grinding result. Stability, high-resolution axes, the latest generation of control unit, an efficient coolant circuit, high concentricity of the workpiece holders, a high-performance grinding spindle and grinding software that calculates the grinding paths very precisely to 13 decimal places. Brochure avaiable here: Aries brochure

The stability is achieved thanks to the robust spheroidal cast iron monoblock design. This gives the machine kinematics the necessary internal strength. All axes can be equipped with ultra-precise measurement systems. The longitudinal and vertical axes along with the cross slide have a resolution of 50 nm, while the resolution of the workholder is 0.0001o.

The modern CNC control unit from the FANUC 3x series guarantees the most precise and fastest operation of machine axes. What is more, it manages without an external keypad in keeping with the modern age. As with a pad, this is displayed on the 15-inch touch screen. The USB 2.0 interface ensures straightforward communication with the outside world. The ariesNGP is also breaking the mould in coolant supply. The coolant filter with 200-litre tank is integrated into the machine design, which saves space.

The robust HSK 80 workpiece holder ensures a precise fit of the workpieces and high concentricity. With 5 kW of power, the SCHNEEBERGER grinding spindle has enough reserves for even a large removal rate. Operation of the machine with the new CAD/CAM grinding software Qg1 is intuitive and it makes programming even complex grinding tasks child’s play.

But the new grinding machine’s extremely compact design is not at the expense of axis travel distances. With strokes of 420 mm in X direction, 360 mm in Y direction and 270 mm in Z direction, considerable dimensions can be processed. It is thus possible to grind tools with a length or diameter of 250 mm. With the integrated loader and a 200 x 200 mm pallet, the machine even runs automatically.


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