Never too early to think about Christmas (shutdown)

Christmas Holiday – Christmas Shutdown

What to do in preparation for a holiday or factory shutdown:

Battery replacement

Most control panels and machines have a battery back-up, intended to maintain site protection during short power outages of a few hours at most. These batteries require maintenance, and we recommend replacing them every two years or so. If they don’t receive appropriate attention, the power being cut can drain residual power in the battery. When the power is restored, the battery no longer provides the required system back-up, and the control panel goes into fault.

A pre-shutdown plan would help avoid such issues. Adding a test of the control panel batteries to the other routine maintenance carried out on machines in the factory ensures they are in good working order.

In conculsion, a little bit of preparation always saves a lot of time and inconvenience. By developing a pre-shutdown plan, sites can circumvent factory re-start problems that arise after the shutdown season.

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