World First Aries NGP Production Scara

Aries NGP

Aries NGP machine by Schneeberger utilising Fanuc Scara Horizontal Robot


The Fanuc Scara Horizontal Robot is known from the fastest Pick & Place applications. As a first, it now brings the ariesNGP to a new level of automation. The small 5-axis grinding machine has risen to the league of production machines.

Presented for the first time at the EMO, the nimble machine met with great interest from the expert audience. Compact design (99cm midsection) and yet surprisingly large machining area for tools of 250 mm length and diameter. The robot of the latest generation can handle even the smallest parts. The ariesNGP is equipped with double spindle and on request with integrated coolant tank

Fir Tree Burrs

Fir Tree Burrs loaded with Fanuc robot from Schneeberger Aries NGP grinding machine


Fir Tree Burr

Fir Tree Burr produced on Schneeberger Aries NGP machine

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