Aries NGP

grinding machine

Aries NGP-4

grinding machine

Aries NGP Production Scara

Aries NGP production scara

Right Size for the Toolroom: comprehensive 5-axis performance with generous working envelope, high SCHNEEBERGER machine quality and stability, within the size of a tool cabinet! Ultra-compact design, 99 cm (39”) wide with working envelope that makes complete 5-axis grinding of large and long tools possible. Most suitable for universal re-sharpening and production of small batches.

Aries range:

• NGP Universal 5-axis machine
• NGP+ 5-axis machine for tools up to Ø400mm
• NGP 4 Universal 4-axis machine
• NGP 4+ 4-axis machine for tools up to Ø400mm

Accessories for expanding the range of applications and increasing productivity, all designed for optimal use:

• Linear scales in all axes
• Tailstock, manual
• Steady rest, manual
• Collet chucks, mandrels, insert holders
• Coolant filtration systems
• Mist collector
• CO2 extinguishing system

Applications for the Aries machines

End mills – Radius end mills – Ball nose end mills – Sinus-edge end mills – Roughing end mills – Profile end mills – Form Disc Cutter – Profile Drill – Form Reamer – Shell Mill – Disc End Mills – T-Slot Cutter – Prism cutter – 4 facet drill – Tapered step drill – Spot Drill – Step Drills – Countersink – Centre drill – Gun Drills – Boring tool – Burr – Bevel gear stick blades – Reamers – Dowel Drill – Up-down cutter – Routers – Finger-joint cutter – Biopsy needles

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X axis: 420 mm (16.5 inch), longitudinal slide, roller guideways, ball screw, resolution 50nm
Y axis: 360 mm (14.2 inch), cross slide, roller guideways, ball screw, resolution 50 nm
Z axis: 260 mm (10.2 inch), vertical, roller guideways, ball screw, resolution 50 nm
A axis: HSK 80, work holder, resolution 0.000045°
C axis: 320°, rotation of the grinding head, resolution 0.000045°


FANUC 3x Series, 5 controlled axes,
15” TFT color monitor, touch screen, USB 2.0


Integrated tool loader, tool pallet 200 x 200 mm (7.9″ x 7.9″)

Grinding Head

Double grinding spindle, direct drive, HSK 50, 5 kW (100%), 7 kW (60%), liquid-cooled

Weight: 1,700 kg (3,747 lbs)

aries ngp

Schneeberger Aries NGP dimensions