Corvus NGB

Corvus NGB grinding machine

Corvus bba

Corvus_BBA grinding machine

Corvus bpp

Corvus_BPP grinding machine

Corvus C-type

Corvus_CType grinding machine

Corvus NGB – 5-axis CNC high-performance grinding machine, for large parts and high stock removal performance. The machine can be delivered with an X travel from 850 mm to 3100 mm. Standard A-axis or cylindrical grinding axes up to 1250 Nm torque. The tool table features a T-slots providing the flexibility to install a wide range of clamping systems, e.g. a magnetic chucking plate. Large loading robot with 4 pallets or arbo-arena fitted for tools with tool HSK-or ISO holder.

Corvus range:

• NGB C-type Gear cutting tools, cutter heads, spline shafts
• NGB B-type Thread grinding
• NGB BBA Broach grinding
• NGB F-type Rotary table, production of cubic parts, edge length 500mm


• Version with ball screws or linear motors on all axes

• CNC dressing unit

• Grinding wheel changer with 7 wheel packages and coolant manifolds.

• Grinding spindles with power up to 53 kW / HSK190

• Automatic steady rest and tailstock

6 controlled CNC axes with optimum precision for regrinding and production of broaching tools.

Broach profiling with high precision oscillation axis

CORVUS cType, grinding with higher performance for numerous applications.

Applications for the Corvus machines

Granulate mills – Hobs – Broaching tool – Cylindrical grinding – Non-round grinding – Round thread rolling dies – Spline shaft – Gear racks

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X: 850, 1‘250, 2‘100, oder 3‘100 mm

longitudinal slide, linear motor, resolution up to 10 Nanometer


Y: 400 mm / 15 3/4″

cross slide, ball screw or linear motor, resolution up to 10 Nanometer


Z: 400 mm / 15 3/4″

vertical axis, ball screw or linear motor, resolution up to 10 Nanometer


A: ∞ ISO50

tool tray, resolution 0.000045°


C: 360°

rotation of the grinding head, resolution 0.000045°


FANUC 3x Series, 5 Machine Axes and options

15” TFT-Color monitor touch screen, USB 3.0

Loader :

Fanuc robot, 4 pallets or arbor arena with 24 positions
7-position disc loader for 21 grinding wheels

Grinding head:

Double grinding spindle with direct drive, HSK50 / HSK80 or grinding spindle HSK190 with permanent balancing unit, grinding wheels from Ø 30 to Ø 450mm
Optional: Grinding spindle with automatic clamping of HSK50 / HSK80, for wheel loader 10 kW (100%), 13 kW (60%), 24 kW (100%), 32 kW (60%) or 40 kW (100%), 53 kW (60%)


X-travel 850: L 2‘885mm, weight 12‘000 kg

X-travel1‘250: L 3‘285mm, weight 13‘500 kg

X-travel 2‘100: L 4‘135mm, weight 17‘000 kg

X-travel 3‘100: L 5‘365mm, weight 20‘500 kg