Corvus bbp

Corvus_BPP grinding machine

The 6-axis CNC grinding machine CORVUS bpp has a vertically-oscillating axis. All profiling tasks in which the grinding disc must oscillate in a vertical direction are no longer a problem thanks to the CORVUS bpp. Schneeberger’s revolutionary concept with this powerful machine provides outstanding grinding results. The zero points on the tools are found automatically by the high-performance 3D sensor.


Magnetic clamping plates, a truing unit and a wide range of additional options enable efficient and profitable operation in areas where this was previously unthinkable.


Applications for the CORVUS bpp are regrinding car body cutting blades using torus discs in oscillation grinding and profiling broaches of all types and sizes.

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X-axis, 1100, 1700, 3000 mm stroke, longitudinal slide, linear motor, resolution 10 nm

Y-axis, 300 mm stroke, cross slide, linear motor, resolution 10 nm

Z-axis, 300 mm stroke, vertical column, resolution 0.1 µm (optional: up to 10 nm)

A-axis, workpiece carrier, free rotation, direct drive, 800 rpm, 218 nm, ISO50, resolution 0.000045°,

centre height 210 mm (optional: 200 rpm, 1250 Nm)

W-axis, 100 mm stroke, vertical oscillating axis, linear motor, resolution 10 nm

C-axis,  240°, grinding head rotation, direct measuring system, resolution 0.000045°


FANUC 31i B5, 5 axes simultaneously

15‘‘ colour monitor with keyboard and touch screen, USB 2.0

Grinding head:

Grinding spindle with forced ventilation for grinding discs from ø 50mm to 300mm,

Water-cooled motor spindle with ceramic-steel hybrid bearing,

14 (18) kW 100% (60%), 1000 ÷ 10,000 rpm, HSK50


CORVUS bpp 1100: 12500 kg

CORVUS bpp 1700: 14500 kg

CORVUS bpp 3000: 19000 kg