Corvus bba

Corvus_BBA grinding machine

Production and regrinding of all variety of broaches. Thanks to its well-thought-out, innovatic construction, the CORVUS bba has become the leading machine for broach manufacturers.

It is the result of years of successful co-operation with manufacturers from all over the world. Regardless of whether the tool is flat, cylindrical or spiral, the wide range of applications expertise enables the user to manage any grinding tasks efficiently.

Thanks to the A-axis torque of 1250 Nm, tools up to 1500 kg can be manufactured or re-ground. Gear manufacturers appreciate its flexibility when grinding hob tools on this machine. The CORVUS bba does not only tackle grinding tasks on broaches, but can also sharpen hobs and shaper cutters.

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X-axis, 1250, 2100, 3100 mm travel, longitudinal axis, linear motor, resolution 10 nm

Y-axis, 400 mm travel, longitudinal axis, linear motor, resolution 10 nm

Z-axis, 400 mm travel, vertical column, resolution 0.1 µm (optional: up to 10 nm)

A-axis, work piece holder, free rotation, direct drive, 800 rpm, 218 nm, ISO50,

resolution 0,000045°, center height 210 mm (optional: 200 rpm, 1’250 Nm)

B-axis, 220°, grinding head swivel, direct measuring system, resolution 0,000045°

C-axis, 325°, grinding head rotation, direct measuring system, resolution 0,000045°


FANUC 31i B5, 5 axes simultaneously

15‘‘ color monitor with keyboard and touch screen, USB 2.0

Grinding head:

Double ended grinding spindle with positive air purge for grinding wheels ø 50mm to 250mm,

Water-cooled motor spindle with ceramic hybrid bearing,

14 (18) kW 100% (60%), 1’000 ÷ 18’000 rpm, HSK50


CORVUS bba 1’100: 14’000 kg (30’865 lbs)

CORVUS bba 1’700: 18’500 kg (40’786 lbs)

CORVUS bba 3’000: 22’000 kg (48’500 lbs)