marking machine

Microdot markers and accessories for marking metal – all the advantages of our microdot markers at a glance:

  • For the deepest markings on metals and other materials
  • For workpieces affected by abrasion
  • Guarantees high marking quality
  • Low-maintenance and particularly long-lasting
  • Devices available for batches, medium series and large series
  • Also for marking very hard materials, e.g. case-hardened steel
  • Letters, figures, graphics, brand names, dates, logos, continuous numbering, matrix codes, dates with prefix and suffix functions
  • Simple creation of individual marking jobs via the Windows software SchillMarker
  • Impact marking also possible without direct PC access
  • For batches, medium series and large series
  • Optional accessories available, such as rotational axes
  • Impact markers as tabletop and/or hand-held markers
  • Impact markers as tabletop and/or hand-held devices
  • Integration into assembly lines possible
  • State-of-the-art microdot technology by Schilling Marking Systems.

With us, you receive the right microdot marker for every marking case. Whether you want to mark large, heavy parts or very small, lightweight parts – we have the right device in our portfolio and always give you targeted advice.

It is thus guaranteed that you will always be equipped with the right dot peen device.


The Mega-Marker microdot marker sereves the permanent and fast microdot marking. Our microdot marker Mega-Marker sereces the permanent and fast microdot marking of metals and other materials.

After a short period of familiarisation, the simple operation of the marker via the PC software SchillMarker2 allows the marking of logos, graphics, texts, figures, DataMatrix codes, consecutive numberings and round sets in Incomparable quality. All the advantages of Mega-Marker microdot marker at a glance:

  • For very deep markings of metals and other materials
  • For marking a wide variety of surface types
  • Marking space 100×100 or 200×200 mm
  • For marking batches, medium series and large series
  • Space-saving, professional and simple
  • Also optionally available as a “portable version”
  • Simple graphic user interface
  • Fast and economical marking of batches, medium series and large series
  • PC-independent marking possible
  • Reading databases possible
  • Simple integration into existing product lines
  • A variety of needle components for a variety of requirements
  • Also optionally available with rotational axis
  • Logos, graphics, texts, figures, DataMatrix codes, consecutive numberings and round set.

The innovative, multi-purpose Microdot:

All-In-One device:

  • Sturdy, reliable, compact, professional
  • PC controlled
  • Logos & Graphics
  • Date & serial numbering with pre- and suffix function
  • Wide range of fonts
  • Linear, circular and angular tags
  • Marking area 100x50mm
  • Optionally available as “portable Version”
  • Perfect Results
  • Marking area x / y
  • Marking speed
  • Traverse speed
Marking area x / y (mm)- 100 x 50 mm100 x 100 mm
Height adjustment (mm)310 mm298
Marking speed (mm)1 mm/s to 50 mm/s, 1 char/s 3 mm height1mm/s to 50mm/s, 1 char/s 3mm height
Traverse Speed (mm/s)max. 80mm/smax 80mm/s
Marking resolution  0,1 mm, both X/Y axes0.05mm, both X & Y axes
Character heightfrom 1 mm freely editablefrom 0.1mm freely editable
Stylus frequency 0 - 100 Hz0-150Hz
Impact force adjustableadjustable
Height compens. of needlemax. 5 mmapprox. 10mm
Air requirements100 l/min200l/m
Working pressure max.6 barmax 6 bar
Marking head149x198x173mm251x255x189mm
Column and Base 380x260x680mm370x400x760mm
Marking head4.6kg9.4kg
Column and base 8.8kg18.6kg
Supply 90-265VAC 50/60 Hz90-265VAC 50/60 Hz
Memory 1 MB Flash / 1 MB RAM1 MB Flash / 1 MB RAM
Power consumption20 VA