drilling machine

For the machining of glass, ceramic and other hard brittle materials. The ultrasonic machine type Erosonic UST 300 is a compact ultrasonic drilling machine to work with rotational diamond tipped tools and ultrasonic technology. The ultrasonic support increases the working speed and decreases the working forces substiantially. This leads to higher surface quality (homogenity), less induced stress during machining and shorter cycle times.

The machine has 3 CNC linear axes, an ultrasonic spindle with internal cooling and pressure monitoring as well as a force measuring system for monitoring and controlling of the process forces. A touch-screen control with simple dialogues and the possibility of ISO programming offers the best possible control with many possibilities to the user. A comprehensive range of dama tools offer the best solution to most of the processing problems. The machine is particularly suitable for drilling and boring of diameters, but can also be used for complex 3-D grinding work. The machine can be equipped with a touch probe (Blum Pico) to control and compensate for tool wear.



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Work piece table: 220 x 140 mm
Travers path – X: 220 mm Y: 100 mm Z: 190 mm
Feed rate: 1 – 5000 mm/min
Digital display: 0,001 mm
Ultrasonic spindle: Programmable 500 – 8’000 rpm
Ultrasonic generator frequency: 35 kHz / 600 W
Force measuring system for feed control for Z-axis: 0 – 20N / 0 – 200N
Electrical connection: 3 x 400V, 50Hz, L+N+PE / 16A
Compressed air connection: 6 bar
Coolant tank: 30 lt
Dimension Machine: 570 x 620 x 740 mm Control: 420 x 800 x 420 mm
Weight Machine: 160 kg Control 20 kg