grinding machine

The SGM machine is designed for processing glass and ceramic materials. The clever design with the horizontal grinding spindle allows the machine to be used as a milling machine or surface grinder (It is also possible to grind aspherical lenses).

All linear motion axes are located in the rear (dry) part of the machine, which is separated by a sliding stainless steel sheet from the grinding area. All moving axes are equipped with pre-stressed recirculating ball scews and guides.


The axes are driven by servo motors. Stable linear roller guides guarantee smoothness and stability for production of high quality optical components. Optional glass scales can be offered by request.

The precision grinding spindle ø100mm is usually offered with an outer cone, but can be fitted on request with ISO40 or HSK 63. The belt-driven grinding spindle is protected by air seals from pollution.

The control interface allows easy and comfortable programming. Simple programs can be entered through different dialogs on the touch-screen panel PP520. More sophisticated programs can be written in ISO code. The UBS and a LAN connection supplied offers the option to down and up-load programs as required.

The grinding process can be controlled by the spindle power or a force measurement system which is available as an option, this improves the process especially for slicing and grinding of very small and thin-walled contour parts. This system offers also the perfect environment for process parameter optimisation, as well as grinding wheel evaluation.

The construction of the machine is based on a modular grinding system designed by dama technologies ag. The construction allows the use of changeable fixtures, as well as dividing devices or driven rotary tables.



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  • travers path 470 mm
  • digital display 0,001 mm
  • feed rate 0 – 3‘000 mm/min


  • travers path 200 mm
  • digital display 0,001 mm
  • feed rate 0 – 3‘000 mm/min


travers path 400 mm

  • digital display 0,001 mm
  • feed rate 0 – 1‘000 mm/min


  • – ø100 mm grinding spindle with 2.5 kW
  • – programmable from 500 – 5‘000 rpm

Force measurement(optional)

  • 1D piezoelectric measurement system eed control of Z-axis


  • for X, Y and Z-axis movement B&R PP520
  • Touch screen as operator interface
  • Force indication optional
  • Spindle load indication
  • Emergency stop
  • B&R CNC control
  • Logic unit for 3 axes and 1 spindle
  • hand wheel

Splashing protection

  • doors with window, complete stainless
  • steel enclosure


  • Length ca. 200 cm
  • Width ca. 180 cm
  • Height ca. 240 cm
  • Weight ca. 3’100 kg

Electrical connection

  • 3x400V / 50Hz, 3L+N+PE / max. 32A

Compressend air supply

  • 6bar


  • RAL 7035 / 3003


  • The machine complies with the European directives and CE regulation.