PLM 450 Flat Lapping & Polishing Machine


The PLM is a lapping and polishing machine for plan parts up to a maximum workpiece diameter of 140mm.

Depending on the material to be machined, abrasive materials such as silicon oxide, cerium oxide, boron carbide, aluminium oxide or diamond are used.

The PLM 450 is a floorstanding lapping and polishing machine for flat components. The machine consists of a solid and sturdy welded base frame which is covered with a heavy steel plate. The smoothing and polishing bowl is inserted in a cut-out of the table plate. The working spindle is driven by a gear motor over a toothed belt. The speed is controlled by a frequency converter and the actual speed is indicated on a digital read out (optionally).

The machine can be equipped with different lapping or polishing plates with diameter 420mm. Abrasive such as silicon carbide, boron carbide, aluminium, oxyde or diamond suspended in oil based vehicles are used for lapping and polishing, depending on the workpiece material.

The conditioning ring position can be lateral adjusted in order to control plate flatness finely. The machine has 3 pneumatically controlled stations. The pressure force is indicated over a manometer.

The basic machine can be delivered without driven lapping stations.


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Technical Data
Machine length 750 mm
Machine width 630 mm
Machine height 1650 mm
Working height 1000 mm
Weight 350 kg
Electrical connection 3 x 400 V, 50Hz, 3L+ N + PE
Compressed air supply 6 bar
Max. workpiece diameter 140 mm
Max workpiece height ca. 20 mm
Lapping plate diameter (max) 420 mm
Lapping plate speed 20 – 100 rpm
Spindle power 0.75 kW
Numbers of stations 3 pneumatically
Speed of driven lapping stations 50 – 250 rpm
Pressure force 0 – 400N
Driven lapping stations optional
Subject to technical alterations