Meteor MM-12

grinding machine

Precision small drill grinding machine

For precise grinding and point-thinning of right and left handed drills from 0,2-13mm (0,008-0,51 inches), in one position. Four-faced grinding.



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For precise grinding and point-thinning of right- and lefthanded drills form 0.2 – 13mm in one position.

Technical data

Precision chuck ø0.2 – 6.2mm
Collets (option) ø6 – 13mm
Point angle (optionally) 90° – 180° (0° – 180°)
Clearance angle 0° – 45°
Drill length max. 160mm
Microscope 15x


It is easy to transfer the MM-12 standard into other versions like:
– MM-12-US grinding center
– MM-12-TV motitor-execution
– MM-12-DH for very long and gun drills
– MM-12-PD for printed circuit board drills