A new era – Vlogging and honing medical parts at SSP

Honing Medical Parts at SSP

In these strange times of pandemics and COVID we must evaluate all the things we do and marketing is one of the areas we have been looking at, (hence this first video blog). And here we are using a Pemamo for honing medical parts!

Currently we are producing urgent medical parts – honing them to very fine tolerances, on a used Pemamo honing machine we actually have for sale in our showroom, but – needs must. It is now busy every day, (so busy we have been able to bring our employees back after furloughing them for a brief time), honing these parts and we thought it would be a good time to start vlogging about what we do.

Here’s a short video made last week to show the machine at work – enjoy !


Pemamo precision honing machines


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