grinding machine

High Precision Surface Grinder

The Joen-Lih surface grinders are engineered and manufactured to the highest industry standards starting from the raw castings right up through quality geometry testing.

All grinders start from the finest processed fine grain grey iron castings selected for their outstanding strength and inherent vibration dampening characteristics. Heavy and solid with extensive ribbing throughout, they minimize any possible movement of the workpiece.

The large all cast iron base provides a “rock solid” wide stance footprint to support the entire saddle, table and column assembly. Cast bases are a must as a foundation for strength and integrity in surface grinding operations.

X & Y slideways are coated with Turcite-B and precisely hand scraped, allowing for smooth movement and offering high accuracy. Test reports accompany each grinder to certify the built-in accuracies for these performance machine tools and attest to the meticulous hours of hand labour used in crafting to exacting specifications.


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SpecificationsModel Description JL-614JL-614YJL-618JL-618SAJL-818JL- 3060AH 
JL-614 MJL-618MJL-2A618JL- 818SAJL- 3060ATD
General capacityWorking surface of table (mm) (inch)150X365150X365150X465150x465200x465300x648
Max. table travel (mm) (inch)175x382160x472175x472175x472205x472380x680
Max. surface ground (mm) (inch)150x350150x350150x450150x450200x450300x600
Max. distance center of spindle to table400(16")400mm(16") 450mm(18")600mm(24")
Longitudinal MovementTable speed3 ~ 25mm/min5 ~ 23mm/min
(Infinite Variable)(0.12" ~ 1"/min)(0.2" ~ 0.9"/min)
Table guidewayV & V way
Cross MovementAuto. Cross feed0.1mm ~ 5mm/min(2A) 0.1mm ~ 5.5mm/min
increment approx.(0.004" ~ 0.5"/min)(0.004" ~ 0.22"/min)
Rapid power cross feed (mm/min) apporx.1300(52")mm/min(2A) [60Hz]1400(56")mm/min [60Hz]
1100(44")mm/min [50Hz]1200(48")mm/min [50Hz]
Cross feed on hand wheel1rev 1gra5mm(0.1" ) 
Cross micrometric feed (option)1rev 1gra0.1mm(0.002") [option]
0.002mm(0.00005") [option]
Vertical DownfeedRapid power head elevation - 60Hz 180(7.2")mm/min(3A) [60Hz] AH 420(350)mm/
approx. - 50Hz150(6")mm/min [50Hz]min(16.8")(14")
ATD 280(230)mm/
Vertical feed on hand wheel1rev 1gra1mm(0.04")2mm(0.08")
Vertical micrometric feed (option)1rev 1gra614 / 618M 0.02mm(0.001")0.02mm(0.001") [option]
614 / 618M 0.001mm(0.00005")0.001mm(0.00005") [option]
Auto. Down feed0.001mm / P,P.S(ATD)0.001mm / P,P.S(ATD)
Grinding WheelWheel speed 60Hz/50Hz3500/2900R,P.M.1750/1450 R.P.M
Wheel dimension 180x13x31.75355x37.5x127
mm (inch)(7.2"x0.5"x1.25")(14.2"x1.5"x5")
MotorsSpindle motor1.5HPx2P1.5HPx2P1.5HP x2P1.5HP x2P2HPx2P5HPx4P
Hyraulic pump motor1HPx6P2HPx6P
Auto. Cross feed motor5RK-40A-S(2A.3A)(ATD:DC 10SP)1/5HPx6P
Rapid head elevation motor (VERTICL)5RK-40A-S(3A),103-815-2(ATD)5RK-90A-S (AH),
Coolant pump1/8HP
Sound pressure levelSound pressure levelbelow 78dB(A)
WeightMachine Net weight 5706906907508502000
Kgs (Lbs)(1254 Lbs)(1518 Lbs)(1518 Lbs)(1650 Lbs)(1870 Lbs)(4400 Lbs)
Packing Gross weight 67079079090010002300
Kgs (Lbs)(1474 Lbs)(1738 Lbs)(1738 Lbs)(1980Lbs)(2200 Lbs)(5060 Lbs)
SizeMachine Floor space 1550x15001800x11001800x11001950x12001950x12002600x2050
mm (inch)(60"x60")(72"x44")(72"x44")(78"x48")(78"x48")(104"x82")
Packing dimension (LxWxH) cm (inch)134x104x210140x104x210140x104x210200x106x210195x106x210224x196x210