grinding machine

Joen-Lih Hi-Precision NC surface grinders are designed to meet current and future grinding requirements.

The machines are engineered and manufactured to the highest industry standards – starting from the raw castings right through to quality testing. This ensures optimal surface grinding accuracy and finish. The goal is to exceed customers’ expectations for quality and investment.

The Y and Z axes are available to equip with linear scales (Optional equipment) that greatly upgrade positioning accuracy, machining accuracy and efficiency.

Wheel dressing parameters are controlled by programs. It provides a selection of automatic and semi-automatic operation modes, combined with automatic compensation functions, allowing the grinding wheel to be kept at an optimal condition at all times.



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General capacityMax. Grinding Length500 mm (20")
Max. Grinding Width250 mm (10")
Table Working Surface250x500 mm (10"x20")
Max. distance from table Surface to Spindle Centerline470 mm (18.8")
Longitudinal MovementMax. Table Travel290x550 mm (11.6"x22")
Table speed infinitely variable0-25 m/min
T-slot Size x Number14 mmx1 (0.56"x1)
Cross MovementMax. Cross feed Movement290 mm (11.6")
Cross feed Rapid Feedrate apporx.3000 mm/min (120"/min)
Least Input Increment0.001mm (0.00004")
Cross Feed On Hand wheel rev.0.1-1-10 mm (0.004"-0.04"-0.4")
Wheelhead Vertical InfeedRapid Vertical Rate500 mm/min (20"/min)
Least Input Increment0.0001 mm (0.00004")
Auto Infeed rev.0.01-0.1-1 mm (0.0004"-0.004"-0.04")
Grinding WheelWheel Speed0-9000 R.P.M.
Grinding Wheel Size255x19x50.8
Drive MotorsSpindle Motor12 HP (9.25KW)
Auto. Gross Feed Motor1.9 HP (1.4KW)
Rapid Head Elevation Motor1.9 HP (1.4KW)
WeightMachine Net Weight1800 Kgs
Packing Gross  Weight2000 Kgs
SizeMachine Floor Space (LxWxH)2350x1800x2100 mm
Packing Dimension (LxWxH)2400x2280x2200 mm