MVRL 160

See video of machine here:

  • Honing machine for through and blind bore Honing, utilising a vertical stroking movement
  • Honing range from 1.5 to 70mm, for larger diameters, please discuss with SSP Technology Ltd.
  • All core modules are fully integrated in to the body of the machine
  • The machine can be specified with one, two or three spindles and has three loading options, single fixed manual load, a rotating table, two position, four position & six position.
  • The machine has light guard security features to stop all moving elements when safety barriers are crossed
  • Mobile control panel user interface installed inside machine’s enclosure
  • The MVRL supports the setting of two stroking movements in the same program, e.g. blind bore with big taper
  • Honing parameters can be adjusted based on energy draw for optimum performance
  • Tool can be removed from the bore whilst still rotating, this can protect the honed bore from any linear marks which could be left from a stationary tool.


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Working machine video here:

  • Honing range Ø 1,5 – 70 mm
  • Number of spindle : 1 – 2 – 3
  • Universal fixture. Manual load single part
  • Rotary table : 2 – 4 – 6 positions
  • Cross table suitable for automation, load unload.