MDR 140 / 240 NC


  • Honing apparatus PEMAMO 814 for Ø 0,6 – 1,5 mm
  • Diverse automatic feeding systems
  • Automatic paper tape filter unit


Automatic expanding unit AR 340 NC and numerical control

  • Expansion speed from 2 – 300 sec. for 0,02 mm expansion of the hone
  • Automatic stop after having reached the desired Ø
  • Dwell from 0 – 60 sec.
  • Automatic return to the Ø of departure, shrinking depending on stock removal
  • Automatic fast/slow approach starting from Ø 5 mm is reducing the idle time to a minimum, and lessen the cycle time up to 50 % or more
  • 99 honing programs can be stored


  • The micrometric expansion unit offers the unique possibility to hone with constant expansion speed or with constant expansion pressure
  • The very precise, micrometric expansion unit guarantees perfect adjustments for achiving the best possible performance during roughing of finishing operations
  • Changes of the honing Ø are possible even during the honing operation in steps of ± 0,0001 mm or 0,001 mm
  • The stock removal, expansion speed, expansion pressure, honing time, final Ø as well the number of parts honed are permanently indicated during the honing operation

Honing Medical Parts at SSP

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  • Honing range without automatic stroking ᴓ0.6-50mm
  • The round running precision of both spindles is always guaranteed and does not require adjustment
  • Honing oil reservoir 45l with pump and filter insert