MDR 120 E

MDR 120 E

honing machine


Automatic expanding unit PEMAMO AR-340 with electronic control

  • Expanding speed steplessly adjustable 2 – 300 sec. for 0,02 mm expansion of the hone
  • Automatic stop when the desired Ø is reached
  • Dwell steplessly adjustable from 0 – 30 sec.
  • Automatic return to the Ø of departure, steplessly adjustable
  • Very easy handling and good access
  • The micrometric expansion and hones which operate according to the lapping principle guarantee a top performance at any time
  • Repeatability within 0,001 mm
  • Available from Ø 1,5 mm for through holes
  • Available from Ø 1,5 mm for blind holes


  • Favourable frontal honing position
  • Lubrication
  • Start/Stop with foot lever (3rd hand)
  • Machine always ready to operate


The manual honing apparatus PEMAMO 814 can also be utilised on this machine.

  • Honing range ᴓ1.5-40mm
  • Honing oil reservoir 15l with delivery pump
  • Honing support bar
  • Start/stop via foot pedal