FC-250W Diamond/CBN Wheel Truing & Dressing Machine

The Machine provides easy and efficiency in truing and dressing flats, angles, radii and forms on diamond and CBN Wheels and Wheel packages. This machine is simple to operate, highly accurate and extremely cost effective.

Design Features:

• Cross table consisting of precision linear slide and ball screw for accuracy and long life.
• Variable-speed 1.5KW motors with HSK 50 spindle or custom spindle and adapters are available to suit all CNC Grinding Machines.
• Swivelling dressing unit can be used manual or automatic.
• The machine is provided with coolant system or dust-collection system.
• Heavy duty rotary table pivots with two pairs of precision angular contact bearing.
• Variable-speed dressing wheel and the oscillation is adjustable in position, stroke and frequency.
• Video optical system, with a 15x -120x (zoom) magnification range and a 15” LCD monitor, allows for measurement and inspection of radii from 0.025mm to 9.5mm.
• Optical system for easy setup and for measuring wheel diameter, width, position, and inspection during or after dressing.
• The scale shown on the video monitor can be used to represent increments for various applications.
• The zoom optics provide magnifications from 15x to 120x. The magnification can be adjusted, using a sample of known size, and locked so that the scale will accurately show the desired increments.

Diamond Grinding Wheel Spindle HSK50A(up to customer)
Diamond Grinding Wheel X axis 157mm
Diamond Grinding Wheel Y axis 130mm
SIC Wheel Spindle(Green) 0.75KW
SIC Wheel-Oscillation axis 90mm
SIC Wheel side- Z axis (Infeed) 60mm
Moving Precision 1μ=0.001mm
Rotation Angle Stroke -90° ~ +90°
(Equipped with High Performance Swiveling Angle Reader ) 0.05°
Grinding Wheel
Grinding Wheel(GW) Diameter Ø50mm-Ø250mm(Max)
Grinding Wheel(sic) Dimension Ø(175×12×31.75)mm
Grinding Speed
GW’s Rotation Speed 100-1000rpm
SIC Wheel Rotation Speed 200-2000rpm
Camera System
CCD Camera System 15-120time