marking machine

Marking laser from Schilling Marking Systems
Laser marking at the highest level with our Mega-Light laser technology

All the advantages of the Mega-Light marking lasers at a glance:
– Marking lasers for marking metals, plastics and other materials
– 6 to 50 Watt diode and fibre lasers
– 100% corrosion-free annealing markings
– Marking lasers for small, medium and large series
– Simple installation and operation
– Positioning laser included
– No clamping of the parts
– Simple integration into assembly lines
– Special cabinets for individual applications
– Air conditioning
– 4-axis system
– Extremely economical and low-maintenance
– Simple marking software
– Can be expanded to include optional accessories
– Laser protection cabinets with laser safety class 1

With the Mega-Light marking lasers from Schilling Marking Systems, metals, plastics and other materials can be marked in a contact-free, permanent and flexible manner.
In the process, our marking lasers are easy to integrate, user-friendly, low-maintenance and require no consumables.

Mega-Light ML6

Compact (6W Diode laser)
All the advantages of the Mega-Light V6 marking laser at a glance:

– Permanent laser marking of metals, plastics and other materials
– 6W output
– Corrosion-free laser marking
– Small dimensions, lightweight, saves space
– Mark with light flexibly, contact-free, professionally and easily
– Integrated air conditioning, Peltier element
– High degree of effectiveness, fast, reliable, perfect results
– Maintenance-free, low operational costs
– Simple graphic user interface
– Simple installation and operation
– Automatic z-axis
– Laser protection cabinet with laser safety class 1
– Also available with rotational axis
– A wide variety of types of marking can be performed
– Top quality at a total price of EUR 20,500 – no hidden costs

Megalight F10, F20, F40 and F80 technical specifications available in pdf format from downloads.

LASER MODEL: Mega-Light 6 Compact
Laser source Nd: YVO4 (Vanadate)
Wavelength: 1064 nm

Average output power:
Beam quality: M2<3
Repetition rate range: 15-200kHz
Pump system: Diode Laser
Warranty: 24 months for a new laser system.
Aiming/Focus beam: Red Diode Laser to display the size and position of marking job, second red pointer for focusing
Marking head: Objective different focal lengths (mm)
Objective: F-theta 160S (standard) 254S
Working distance: 178±3 282±3
Marking area: 100×100* 140×140*
Output voltage power: 24VDC
Power consumption: typical 200W, max. 300W
Cooling system: Air cooled (integrated)
Overall Dimensions: WxDxH (mm) Laser 146x410x131,3
Laser safety cabinet: 661x758x753 (other dimensions on request)
Max. part size: 465x262x322 (f=160mm)
Approx. Weight (kg):
Laser safety cabinet: 55 (121 lbs)
Protection Class: Laser IP 21
Laser safety cabinet: Laser safety class 1

Operating temperature: Min. 15°C (59°F) / Max. 35°C (95°F)
Humidity: < 90 % without condensation
Operating altitude: < 1000m (3,330 feet)
Suspended matter: < 3 mg/m3
Vibrations: No vibrations permitted
Max. acceleration: 0.5 G
Noise: < 70 dB
Storage temperature: Min. -5°C (23°F) / Max. +55°C (131°F) Non condensing